16 May 2021

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Inmalo take on MB Dust Control dealership

Inmalo take on MB Dust Control dealership

Inmalo take on MB Dust Control dealership

As environmental pressures increase around demolition and waste site air quality/contamination, Inmalo are leading the way in Dust Suppression, responding to customer demand for a greater range of dust cannon solutions both in terms of size, mounting and self-contained water and power options.

“We are very pleased to be working with MB Dust Control in the UK as their exclusive dealer. The MB Spray Cannon Range is very varied with units from 5m to 150m throw, fixed or mobile solutions and self-contained systems.

There is always a large demand for fan units in the UK whether it’s for Demolition, Quarrying, Construction or Waste Recycling. For Inmalo the MB range complements the Motofog products and completes our line-up of dust suppression systems. The units have the right balance of performance, build quality and price, said Inmalo’s, Charles Polak.” 

MB Dust Control are an innovative company who saw the need for a more flexible product range to meet how customers in different environments operated, especially where water supply or electricity may not be available at the source.

With many options on size, power and reach, the new mounting options now enable these units to be self-contained with generators, water tanks, elevating cannon mast heights, wheel sets, trailers and even full sized road tanker bowser option. The configurations are available from the SC25 upwards giving the customer the option that’s right for their environment. Static units can also be mounted on or within a building with a water and electricity supply for permanent sheds and yards and there’s even indoor units SC5 and SC15 available for more confined or enclosed working spaces.

Inmalo’s Motofog range continues to be a market leader providing an innovative range of 4 models which are light and easy to move on site. Offering 15 to 55m throw the Motofog range provides the easiest and most manoeuvrable solution for most sites where the working environment is fluid or confined. The Motofog range have onboard engines so there’s no need for a generator.

All models have two spray patterns through the high pressure nozzle system and larger units MF20D, MF40D and MF60D have 90º oscillation.

DDS Demolition have recently bought four MF20D units for general day-to-day applications across their demolition projects.

DDS Demolition said, “The Motofog systems are a great asset for us to quickly and easily suppress dust on our sites.

Minimising dust for both our workforce and neighbours is very important and we have been impressed with how easy to setup and use the Motofog’s are when you only have to plug a water supply in to get working.

Inmalo also provide support and backup with spare parts stocked in the UK to keep us up and running.