16 May 2021

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First Rotar concrete cutter in the UK makes light work of pulling down Manchester’s iconic ‘Berlin Wall’

First Rotar concrete cutter in the UK makes light work of pulling down Manchester’s iconic ‘Berlin Wall’

First Rotar concrete cutter in the UK makes light work of pulling down Manchester’s iconic ‘Berlin Wall’

The Rotar RCC Concrete Cutter has been instrumental in tearing down the infamous ‘Berlin Wall’ in Piccadilly Gardens in the centre of Manchester, as part of a revitalisation project for the area.

The unique Rotar RCC, the first one in the UK, made light work of bringing down the huge concrete structure which has been standing for 18 years.   It took just a few days to complete the task due to its astonishing power.  AW Demolition were the first customers of the Rotar RCC30 and were working with Hyde Demolition on this high-profile job.

Austin Wilkinson of AW Demolition said of the weekend job: “Well last night was the night when we started to demolish the “Berlin Wall” in Manchester Piccadilly Gardens using the very First Rotar RCC30 with Ramplifier in the country, and boy was she impressive. Honestly at first when Worsley Plant and Rotar told me about it and flew me out to the factory, I wasn’t totally convinced it would do what they said it would.  However, I decided to make the investment.

After it sitting for 18 months in the yard as a show piece, I finally got to use it.  I didn’t just want to put it on any old job, it had to be the right job to test it.  Well this was the job to use it on, the concrete in this wall is solid and I mean solid, not much rebar, just really hard. But it worked and I would say at this moment in time, she is preforming like a tool that sits on the end of a 70 – 80 ton machine. When the Ramplifier kicks in – wow, it’s shear power!!!”

Austin now knows for sure it will be a welcome addition to his fleet of Rotar attachments and provide cutting edge technology to help him achieve his projects with greater efficiency, power and speed.  It’s strength and speed has already been proven on this first high-profile job.

The RCC Concrete Cutter is ideal for your primary demolition needs when you need to cut concrete.  Built for heavy industrial demolition, it is ideal for use on jobs involving thick concrete with reinforcements inside such as bridges, parking garages etc. The RCC has a huge opening with massive force.  Ideal for when you just want to cut concrete down before it is moved onto other stages of demolition, for example, to be pulverized or taken away to be crushed elsewhere.

The RCC features RAMPLIFIER technology, giving double the power and placing it at the cutting edge of the market.  RAMPLIFIER is installed inside the cylinder rod so it is fully integrated, offering a higher force of cutting power – a massive increase from 350 to 700 bar.

The RCC features include:

  • Replaceable teeth – saves downtime and thereby reduces costs.  They are very wear resistant and slide on easily with just 4 screws.
  • Longer cutting blades – our rebar cutter blades are longer and more user friendly for the driver to cut – all in a straight line for better access into the jaw’s throat.
  • Simplicity – everything we don’t need isn’t on it.  A minimalistic design that includes only what’s needed.  No need for complexity.
  • Adjustable cutting blades – with shims that can be installed to get the correct gap.
  • Two flanges – making it easy to adjust and maintain.
  • All standard components – each is easily available so no wait time for parts, making it serviceable both on site, or in the workshop.
  • Large infrastructure of hydraulic lines means: Less resistance is needed to open and close the machine.  Lower oil temperatures = longer live on sealing components, less fuel consumption and less back pressure.