25 June 2021

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Caterpillar launches its next-generation large excavators.

Caterpillar launches its next-generation large excavators.

Caterpillar launches its next-generation large excavators.

In the second of its online product launches coming from its Malaga Demonstration and Learning Centre, Caterpillar launched its next generation large excavators. Chambers Media was delighted to be invited to take part in this virtual event.

The press launch was compered by Alana Tubito, coordinating contributors from around the world, from both within and without Caterpillar. 

Interviews with external speakers included Al Cervero, Vice President Association of Equipment Manufacturers, speaking on what the future would look like in the region. Among other opinions, he expressed the view that data collection would be critical to improving performance and decreasing downtime.

Rob Oliver, Chief Executive of the Construction Equipment Association (UK) spoke on critical trends and needs for customers or large projects. One of these highly topical projects is HS2, which it barely needs mentioning will continue to require the most up-to-date plant for some time to come.

The press conference then moved on to the main issue. The reveal of the next generation of large excavators, the CAT 352, 374 and 395.

Jason Conklin, Vice President Caterpillar Global Construction and Infrastructure (GCI) and Corne Timmermans Industry Region Manager were the first to speak for CAT itself, with a broad presentation on Caterpillar and the next generation of excavators. One of the takeaways was the sheer level investment the company is making in research and development.

Speaking from Singapore, Brian Abbott, Worldwide Product Manager for Caterpillar Large Excavators, gave the lowdown on his division’s offering. 

Caterpillar had listened to its customers, he said, both by formally interviewing users and through general customer feedback. As a result, the new machines had been built to offer truly world beating performance and efficiency, reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions. Both fuel and maintenance costs would be up to 20% lower, and structural integrity was critical to the new machines, with thicker plates on the arms and more durable buckets – all while maintaining efficiency gains.

The rest of the presentation was dedicated to in-depth walkarounds of the CAT 352, 374 and 395, demonstrating the improvements the company has made to its products. 

While there was much in the way of detail, presented both by Caterpillar’s on-the-ground experts and end users, the advantages of the new machines were in principle quite simple – a fact belying the attention to detail that has gone into every aspect. In short, the Next Generation large excavators were more efficient, more durable, safer, more comfortable and easier to use through technology and clever design. Which as Brian Abbot had said earlier, was all about helping customers make more money, without cost to the environment or working conditions.