26 March 2023

Sale of tenth Dual Power Master bring Bema Sweeper’s 2020 to an end on a high

Bema Sweepers, the UK’s leading brand of sweepers and snowploughs, enjoyed a buoyant end to 2020 selling its tenth Dual Power Master sweeper.

The new high power Bema 30 Dual Power Master was sold to Ayrshire construction contractor Simon Taylor Group Ltd.

Launched at the start of 2020, Bema’s 30 Dual Power Master is designed to operate in industrial and agricultural settings and features a 640mm brush and Bema’s new 3D roller level compensation.

The Bema 30 Dual Power Master can be attached a range of vehicles, including forklifts, yard loaders, telehandlers and to the front or rear of a tractor and offers easy switching between free sweeping and dirt collecting.

Available in 1850, 2050, 2300 and 2600mm working widths the Bema 30 Dual Power Master’s reliability is ensured thanks to an innovative Hydroblock, which contains all of the hydraulic controls and safety elements such as an overpressure valve and changeover valve.

“2020 was a challenging year for everyone,” says UK agent Phil Bryant. “To have sold ten 30 Dual Power Masters in a year such as this is a fantastic achievement and is a testimony to the build quality, effectiveness and low cost of ownership that Bema offers in all of its sweepers and snowploughs.”

Established in 2000, Simon Taylor Group Ltd is a construction company specialising in commercial building maintenance and fitout. The company looked at several alternative sweeper brands before opting for Bema.

“We have used several sweeper brands including Bema in the past and decided that our next one would be the Bema,” says Simon Taylor. “We do a lot of work in challenging site conditions and needed a sweeper that was robust, well made and would last a long time. The Bema ticks all of these boxes, and the advice we received from them was first class.”

Normally supplied in orange, Phil arranged for Simon’s sweeper to be painted yellow so that it matched Simon’s other machines.

Established in 1940 all Bema Sweepers are designed and manufactured in Voltlage-Weese, Germany to ISO 9001 quality control standards and are CE marked.

Bema Sweepers were introduced to the UK in 1999. Hundreds of sweepers and snowploughs have been sold since then and are used in a wide variety of settings, including agriculture, construction and airportsToday, they are marketed in the UK by Howard Marshall Engineering, allowing customisation and modifications to be undertaken easily.