26 March 2023


Legarza Exploration & Construction first opened their doors in 1992. Now, twenty-eight, almost twenty-nine, years later, they’re thriving in the exploration, earth work, and construction industry. With nearly three decades of experience under their belt, they have a reputation of working efficiently without compromising the quality of work and the safety of their employees. At the end of every day, they leave the site proud of the work they put in. By combining their effort and passion for the work they do, they’ve created innovative ways for their customers to reach difficult areas in Nevada. Now, they are the first choice for most mining and exploration companies in the area. Despite their thriving business, they have run into the same problem time and time again: job site’s location.

            Since 1992, their job sites have always been in remote locations, ones with no roads, leaving them to struggle bringing their equipment in. To get over this hurdle, they’ve built larger roads or used a lot of water and compacting the soil. While this plan has helped them succeed in the past, it hasn’t been full proof or cheap. Not only did thet need to wait for the material for their jobsite to arrive, but also needed additional material to build the roads to access those jobsites. If this method wasn’t feasible due to costs, then they woudn’t take on the job. They knew it was time that they found a new plan that allowed them to take on projects that they otherwise couldn’t due to costs and time. But they weren’t sure if there was another method.

            A few years ago, during one of their projects, Legarza realized they needed a crusher, and due to their job site’s layout, they knew the struggle of getting a stationary crusher to their site would be to costly so they turned to their local dealer. Their dealer pointed them to one of MB Crusher’s crusher buckets, and after watching a demo, they chose to rent the crusher for their job. Initially, what drew them to the unit was its portability. Since their job sites had no roads, having equipment or materials reach the site was difficult. But by installing the unit on their machine, it saved them the headache of figuring out how equipment was going arrive at the site. All they needed to transport was their excavator with the crusher attached. Once their project was over, they were content with how the bucket helped them, and they kept MB Crusher in the back of their minds for future projects.

            Fast forward to 2020, they contacted MB looking to rent a crusher and a screening bucket for a project in May. When their project date grew closer, a sales rep contacted them to see which crusher and screener would be most compatible with their unit and to learn more about the specifics of their upcoming job. Our rep learned that Legarza Exploration & Construction’s upcoming project, much like others, required them to create a road leading up to their job site. One of the ways Legarza thought they could use what’s available to them was to reuse the bank material on the job site. If they could reuse the material, and create soft roads, then they could reduce or eliminate the cost of purchasing materials. After some discussion, both parties agreed that renting MB’s BF80.3 crusher bucket and the MB-S18 screening bucket would be the best fit for their job site.

            They used the separate units for the same result: creating soft roads that they would use to reach their job site. If the bank material was the larger, they used the crusher. With the BF80.3 crusher bucket installed on their excavator, they had their machine make its way up to the job site. As the excavator traveled to the site, they had the crusher scoop up the river rock from the bank and crush it down to either a ¾ minus or a 3 in minus and created the road. If they were presented with finer material, they switched to the screener bucket and followed a similar process. With the MB-S18 screening bucket, they separated the fines from the larger material. With the usable material, they then created the road leading up to the site.

            When we talked Bill Arthur, the company’s owner, he was quick to admit that they still were “pretty new to the bucket”. But, he has already seen the benefits it’s brought to their job site. When we asked him to explain the benefits he told is the buckets have helped them “save time and money, primarily on [their] budget” by eliminating material purchasing and handling exepenses. It’s because of those benefits that the company finds themselves renewing their contract to rent out the bucket for the duration of the project.            After seeing the buckets’ capabilities, they’ve started to think of how even one unit can benefit the company on every project rather than renting a unit out for a single project. From their own experiences, they know how well the crusher bucket works, and how it allows them to create their own aggregates from materials already present and find themselves leaning toward the crusher for their future projects. To make sure they can continue to use the BF80.3 crusher bucket, they’ve already contacted their sales rep and are in the process of permanently adding the crusher to their fleet!