16 October 2021

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New Range of General Purpose Performance Buckets for Doosan Wheel Loaders

Doosan has launched a new line-up of general purpose performance buckets covering capacities from 2.0 to 6.7 m3 for the company’s market-leading wheel loader range. The new range of general purpose buckets represents the first stage in an expansion of the choice of new wheel loader work tools from Doosan.

The key features of the new range include the wide configurability and larger capacities of the buckets available to customers, who can ensure that their new buckets are tailored for their applications. Manufactured using Hardox® steel, the new range of buckets offers increased wear resistance compared to buckets made from hardened steel. All the parts in contact with the ground or materials are designed to facilitate optimum penetration into material mounds, thus reducing fuel consumption. New shock absorbers also provide additional comfort for operators and reduced stresses on both the wheel loader and the bucket structures.

All the general purpose performance buckets are equipped as standard with the new shock absorbers. Doosan decided to incorporate this innovation after completing two years of successful tests. The stoppers on the buckets are now mounted on a durable rubber pad, which reduces the shocks and noises when rolling the buckets back.

The new shock absorbers on a prototype, after 6000 hours of work. In serial production,

Doosan implemented plates above the absorbers to prevent dirt ingress.

Fully Configurable Buckets

Damien Dambre, Product Manager Special Applications & Attachments Development for Doosan Infracore Europe, said: “The new range of general purpose performance buckets is almost fully configurable. In addition to deciding on teeth or bolt-on edges for the buckets, customers can choose from a wide selection of bucket features such as coupling systems, floor shapes, spill guard types, bucket protection, blade shapes and more.”

To meet these choices, Doosan dealers can use an online tool, the Doosan Wheel Loader Bucket Configurator, to produce the buckets their customers require for their Doosan wheel loaders. The tool helps to configure a bucket through eight easy steps, with advice at each step to help the Doosan dealer to make a choice according to their customers’ requirements.

A Detailed Approach

This process was ably demonstrated by the bucket chosen for a new top-of-the-range Doosan DL580-5 wheel loader sold to the Cheval Group in France by the Lyon branch of Doosan dealer, ITT Mach10. The new DL580-5 is being used to carry material from the quarry face and load it into the hopper of a rock crusher at one of the Cheval Group’s operations in Drome.

After the Doosan wheel loader was selected, a detailed study was carried out into conditions at the quarry and the driver’s preferences to determine exactly the right configuration for the wheel loader, with a special focus not only on the tyres but especially on the bucket to be used on the machine. For the application in Drome, the dealer included a 6.7 m³ bucket with a width of 3400 mm, the specifications for which were decided in direct collaboration with the machine’s driver using the Doosan Wheel Loader Bucket Configurator tool.

The Doosan DL580-5 sold by ITT Mach10, with its 6.7 m3 general purpose performance bucket, configured together with the driver of the machine at the customer’s site.

Using the tool, the bucket type chosen features the rounded shape preferred by the operator, protective heel wear plates under the bucket, convex side cutters and a bolt-on, three-part, reversible, straight counter-blade. The bucket was also fitted with a spill guard at the top to protect the cylinders.

Covering the Full Range of Doosan Wheel Loaders

The new range of general purpose performance buckets encompasses the full range of high performance wheel loaders from Doosan, which comprises 13 models covering operating weights from 12 to 36 tonne and bucket capacities from 1.9 to 6.7 m³ to meet a wide range of material-handling and loading applications. Doosan® wheel loaders offer as standard a number of advanced features which are available only as options on other machines on the market. For more on Doosan construction equipment, please visit the website: www.eu.doosanequipment.com