17 August 2022

Construction equipment hire business aims to Wow with new name

One of the UK’s leading providers of hire equipment, waste services, temporary accommodation and tools to the construction industry has changed its name from Nationwide Hire to WowNow Hire.

The commercial hire company, which supplies everything from heavy plant to handheld tools says the new WowNow Hire name reflects its focus on providing its wide range of commercial customers with exceptional choice and service – the “Wow” – and same day or last-minute delivery – the “Now”.

In addition to better reflecting the customer experience, the new name is also tied to the company’s future aspirations and distinguishes the brand from the many other companies using ‘Nationwide’ in their name.

Speaking about the rebranding, WowNow Hire’s CEO Jonathan Holley said: “Changing our name makes perfect sense. We still cover the entire United Kingdom and the new name amplifies what we are all about, our WowNow DNA.”

“Our ongoing business development includes digital transformation that will bring the benefits of digital services to our customers and suppliers. Access to all our products and personal support is now just a fast click away at www.wownowhire.co.uk, order updates are more frequent, more information is available and the accounts process is being further streamlined.”

Established 26 years ago, the company has built a network of 9,000 locations capable of supporting any size construction operation across the UK, Ireland and Europe and offers five million items of equipment from five main product areas – namely Powered Access Hire, Plant Hire, Tool Hire, Temporary Accommodation Hire and Waste Disposal Services.

Alongside its broad range and geographical coverage, WowNow Hire says another feature making it popular with the construction industry is its off-hire guarantee with which it strives to protect customers from off-hire losses while helping them stay focussed on their core job.

The off-hire guarantee sees WowNow Hire sharing the responsibility so a hirer can request a pre-booked off-hire date or, if they don’t have a firm date, they will be reminded on an agreed expected date so the hire can be terminated or extended as appropriate. Without such a guarantee, less scrupulous lenders can easily take advantage of a hirer being too busy or distracted to inform them they have finished with the equipment and if they then cannot collect in a timely fashion, hire time continues to add up.

Further information on WowNow Hire’s full range of commercial hire equipment and services can be found at www.wownowhire.co.uk.