17 August 2022

Wacker Neuson: 50 years of dumper expertise

(Munich, August 2021) Dumpers have become indispensable at the construction site as flexible, compact and powerful helpers. Wacker Neuson comes with long years of expertise in the development and manufacture of wheel and track dumpers: a whole 50 years of dumper expertise!

Equipped with a skip for transporting construction material and excavated material, dumpers, also called dump trucks, have become helpers in demand on many construction sites in the last few decades. Wacker Neuson takes pride in its 50 years of dumper expertise: at the turn of the millennium, Neuson Baumaschinen GmbH took over the company Ebbs & Radinger. At that time, this company already had decades of dumper experience. Together with the Lifton company in Great Britain, dumpers  were initially still produced in Vienna and Wales; in 2008, production was relocated to Austria. With the merger of then-Neuson Kramer Baumaschinen AG and Wacker Construction Equipment AG, this comprehensive expertise came to today’s Wacker Neuson SE. Some employees who have been part of the company for decades took their knowledge further – and continually expand on it.

Broad portfolio for every requirement

“With dumpers, one topic in particular has come into focus quite strongly in the last decades: safety,” explains Stefan Bogner, spokesman for management at Wacker Neuson Linz GmbH. “Wacker Neuson has been able to impress again and again with innovations that make work more efficient and safer for our customers. We are able to build on our experiential data. We also want to continue being the solution provider in the area of dumpers for our customers.” Since 2012, the Wacker Neuson center of expertise for dumpers and excavators has been located at the site in Hörsching near Linz with the areas Research, Development and Production. In total, Wacker Neuson offers ten wheel dumper models, three Dual View dumpers and seven track dumper models. This also includes the electric-powered machines DW15e and DT10e from the zero emission series.

Electric or with rotating seat: dumper innovations

“In developing our dumpers, we always think one step ahead,” explains Stefan Kurzmann, product expert for dumpers at Wacker Neuson. “On the one hand, we optimize already time-tested and proven models in matters of safety, ergonomics, performance and handling. On the other, issues such as digitalization and electrification play a growing role in further development.” For example, here’s how the electric wheel dumper DW15e works without direct exhaust emissions: The dumper is equipped with an electric motor for the drive system and another motor for the work hydraulics, in order to appropriately and independently take on output as needed and minimize energy consumption. In comparison with the conventional model, sound levels have been reduced here by more than 20 decibels to 60 db(A)*, which is equivalent to normal room volume. Another dumper innovation from the house of Wacker Neuson is the three Dual View models DV60, DV90 and DV100 with a payload of six to ten metric tons. Dual view allows the operator to conveniently and quickly change the seat position through a 180-degree rotation of the entire operator control panel and the seat console. The operator changes the direction of view and the forwards travel direction with the seat position. Time-consuming turning and maneuvering are therefore no longer necessary. Dual View demonstrates its strengths in particular on confined construction sites, such as in urban areas, in tunnels or on busy roads. This way, the operator always has the working environment in full view, which means significantly more safety.

“After 50 years of expertise, the goal is clear – to continue to be the trendsetter of the industry,” adds Stefan Bogner. In addition, proximity to the customer – then as now – plays a big role: from the beginning onward, customers have been involved in the development process of the machines in order to realize the optimum solution for them for safe, easy and effective working. Dumpers are an important component of the Wacker Neuson portfolio, which ranges from concrete technology to compaction machines all the way to excavators and wheel dumpers, offering customers the perfect solution for a wide variety of applications.

More information at: www.wackerneuson.com/dumper