6 February 2023

Patent litigation between JCB and Manitou in the UK: 3 of 4 JCB patents invalidated by the UK Court

Ancenis, July 5, 2022 – The High Court in London today handed down its judgment in the patent infringement litigation brought by J. C. Bamford Excavators Ltd (JCB) against Manitou BF and Manitou UK Ltd relating to four of JCB’s patents.

Three of the JCB patents considered at trial were found to be invalid in their entirety: European Patent EP 1 532 065 B2 (EP 065), its UK equivalent GB 2 390 595B (GB 595) and European Patent EP 2 263 965 B9 (EP 965). Consequently, all infringement claims brought by JCB against Manitou relating to these three patents failed completely.

Moreover, the Court held that only certain features of telehandlers sold in the past infringed the fourth patent, European Patent EP 2 616 382 B3 (EP 382). While reserving the right to appeal this judgment, Manitou confirms it does not have a significant impact on its business in the UK, nor on the business of its customers.

Manitou will in any event seek payment from JCB of all its costs relating to the claims pursued by JCB but rejected by the Court, as well as interest on those sums.

As ever, the Manitou Group will continue to defend itself vigorously in the patent infringement litigation brought against it by JCB.