5 July 2022


Diggers LIVE has its origins four years ago when, along with a former business partner, Global News Media’s Managing Director Ben Chambers championed a concise, quality and newsworthy resource to be produced for the industry and read by the industry rather than simply the enthusiast.
That publication, produced and published by Chambers Media for more than three years, was Diggers & Dozers. Diggers has now evolved into Diggers LIVE, and we see it as much a revolution as an evolution.
While the next edition (out May) continues the lineage of 21 editions, it will be a departure from what you have seen before. We have taken creative control of the editorial side of the magazine and will listening to and printing industry voices. We want to hear your views, pick up on stories that matter to you and provide an insight into how others are keeping up with technology, trends and global situations.
We have been involved in this sector for between three and four years now. Salesmen Luke and Wayne will continue to place your ads, while the editorial team of Toby and Ben will seek quality content.
We look forward to a new chapter for the Diggers brand.