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Bobcat News at SaMoTer

Bobcat Heroes of the 2023 edition of the Fair in Verona:

The new most powerful compact track loader, compact tractors, a new 2 tonne electric mini-excavator and Bobcat’s new Super Compact telehandler

At SaMoTer 2023, the Bobcat stand is showcasing several recently launched products for the first time in Italy.

Given the popularity of Compact Track Loaders in Italy, SaMoTer is certainly the right event to show visitors the new T86 compact tracked loader, the most powerful ever produced by Bobcat. SaMoTer also provides the latest news on the Bobcat Ground Maintenance Equipment (GME) range, which includes small articulated loaders (SAL), compact tractors, mini track loaders, lawn mowers and turf equipment.

This is being presented alongside the first view in Italy of the outstanding new Bobcat TL25.60 Super Compact telehandler and the Bobcat E19e electric mini-excavator. Completing the product array on the stand are several models from the Doosan Industrial Vehicle (DIV) range presented in Bobcat colours, in alignment with the recently announced rebranding transition to the Bobcat brand that should be completed in early 2024.

The Most Powerful Compact Track Loader Ever Produced by Bobcat

Launched in September 2022, the Bobcat T86 compact track loader has more engine and hydraulic power than any other Bobcat machine and is the most powerful machine the company has ever built. The machine is equipped with a proven 3.4-litre Bobcat Stage V engine delivering 78 kW (105 HP) of power.

Luca Bonadiman, District Manager Bobcat for Italy, Israel, Greece, Cyprus, comments: “The compact track loader sector is highly important in Italy due to the nature of the work in progress such as road maintenance, infrastructure construction or the laying of fibre optic networks. Bobcat is very well positioned thanks to its range of models and in particular the T76, T590 and now the new T86 track loader, which allow us to compete very successfully in this very competitive market."

The T86 follows on from the success of the smaller T76 model. The most popular new feature of the T86 is a choice of three different auxiliary flows. Those who want maximum performance can choose the industry-leading Super Flow option that increases the auxiliary flow rate to 159 l/min.

At SaMoTer 2023, the T86 track loader is equipped with a new planer attachment. The latter is part of a new three model family of high-performance planers which can operate with an auxiliary flow rate of up to 159 l/min. They are available in widths of 100, 120 and 150 cm, and are designed to operate with the new Super Flow technology.

The main advantages of these planers are:

  • The performance boost from the Super Flow function allows the use of larger quick couplings

  • The efficiency, the Bob-Tach coupling system and the quick-connect control allow quick changes of attachments

  • The hydraulic side-shift control system lets the user work closer to walls and kerbs. In addition, the oscillating cutter housing allows levelling on sloping and uneven surfaces.

Included in the display alongside the T86, are the L85 compact wheel loader with a multi-sweeper, the T590 track loader with an asphalt spreader, and the S550 skid steer loader with an angle broom.

Luca Bonadiman adds: “These machines, combined with Bobcat's wide range of job-specific attachments, enable unrivalled productivity levels, especially in the road and construction industry.”

GME Range includes Compact Tractors

Visitors can see the brand new CT2535 compact tractor equipped with a cab at SaMoTer, part of the Bobcat Compact Tractor range launched in February 2023.

The compact tractors are part of the GME (Ground Maintenance Equipment) range, which also includes small articulated loaders (SAL), mini-track loaders, lawn mowers and turf equipment.

Daniele Paciotti, GME Product Line Director for Bobcat, says: “All GME models are robust, versatile and efficient. Bobcat aims to be among the top three GME suppliers in Europe and to double growth in the global GME market by 2027.”

Bobcat offers three compact tractor platforms, the 1000, 2000 and 4000 series, with nine new models from 25 to 58 HP designed to meet the diverse needs of customers in the EMEA region. Each model has a different size and engine power, and can be equipped with a choice of manual or hydrostatic transmission, and a protective arch (ROPS) or cab.

These machines are versatile tool carriers that can maximise productivity in any application such as sports pitch preparation, gardening, agriculture, construction, landscaping, road cleaning and snow clearing.

At SaMoTer, the CT2535 compact tractor is equipped with the new Bobcat rear snow blower for fast snow removal from car parks, driveways and built-up areas.

Videos of the new Compact Tractors

Bobcat Compact Tractors in Action

Introducing Bobcat`s Tractors in Europe

First impressions of Bobcat Compact Tractors, Italian Customers

A Customer’s view

A Dealer’s view

New Bobcat TL25.60 Super Compact telehandler

Another star at the 2023 edition of SaMoTer is the Super Compact TL25.60 telehandler, launched at Bauma 2022. Ideal for the construction, rental and general handling sectors, the TL25.60 is the eleventh fixed-frame telehandler in the R-series from Bobcat and to date is the smallest machine in the line.

Designed for ease of use, the TL25.60 offers excellent stability, optimal comfort and safe operation in a wide range of applications. Equipped with a 75 HP Bobcat Stage V engine, the machine boasts a rated operating capacity of 2500 kg and a maximum lift height of 5.9 m.

Despite its super-compact dimensions, the TL25.60's cab is identical to that of some of the larger Bobcat R-series models, making it the most spacious compact telehandler currently available on the market.

The TR50.250 rotary telehandler on the stand represents the new range from Bobcat that includes ten Stage V compliant models for the European market, with lift heights from 18 to 39 m and lifting capacities from 4 to 7 tonne.

Bobcat TL25.60 Telehandler for Construction Business

New E19e electric mini-excavator

The Bobcat stand has a choice of mini-excavators on show and together with the E27z, E60/E55z and E20z models, these include the E19e 2 tonne electric excavator introduced in October 2022. The E19e is the latest entry in Bobcat’s ever-expanding range of electrified machines.

The E19e offers zero emissions, low noise, reduced vibration and the same excellent performance as the popular diesel-powered E19 model.

This machine builds on the success of the E10e, the world's first 1 tonne electric mini-excavator also on display at SaMoTer. Bobcat is positioning itself as a pioneer in battery-powered machines and is committed to investing in research and development to drive this trend forward.

The E19e is also exceptionally versatile, with a wide range of compatible attachments available. At SaMoTer, the E19e is equipped with a Clamp Bucket.

Bobcat E19e Electric Mini Excavator

In addition to the electric model, the display also features internal combustion engine models, including the E20z with a tilting coupler bucket, the E27z with a flail mower and the E60 with a tilting coupler and sorting grapple.

With its impressive stand at SaMoTer 2023, Bobcat continues to affirm its commitment to and focus on the Italian market. The mini-excavator display builds on the success of winning the 'Technical Innovation Award' at SaMoTer in 2020 for the Advanced Selectable Auxiliary Control (A-SAC) system for Bobcat mini-excavators. This unique solution allows operators to customise the control schemes of the auxiliary hydraulic circuits on Bobcat excavators, according to their preferences for the use of specific attachments.

New Bobcat Branded Forklifts

SaMoTer 2023 also provides the platform for the first appearance of Bobcat branded forklifts in Italy. This is in line with the recent announcement from Doosan Bobcat that the company’s Forklift and Portable Power product lines will transition to become part of the Bobcat product portfolio.

The Bobcat stand will showcase a brand new hydrogen fuel cell-powered forklift concept machine that will be developed under the Bobcat product portfolio as part of the transition of Doosan products into the Bobcat trade dress.

Hydrogen fuel cell forklifts offer longer operating times and faster refuelling, making them ideal for applications that require extended use and quick refuelling turnaround. For warehouses operating multiple shifts, the hydrogen fuel cell forklift is a viable option to reduce their carbon footprint while still meeting the operational needs to run longer hours with no charging required.

The Bobcat stand will also present a new line of zero-emission, low-noise, environmentally friendly trucks capable of tackling heavy duty tasks. The new electric heavy-lifting trucks provide enhanced capability, power and performance to businesses operating in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, engineering, foundries, building supplies, transport and warehousing.

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