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Creating added value for the customer: Wacker Neuson Group focuses on digital solutions and IoT expertise


Creating added value for the customer: Wacker Neuson Group focuses on digital solutions and IoT expertise

Expanding IoT expertise within the Wacker Neuson Group

• Transparency for customers: Cooperation with Trackunit extended by five years

• Increasing productivity with OneStop Pro Software Solutions


Driven by its passion for innovation, the Wacker Neuson Group has expanded its digital strategy to develop new business models. Technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) are being used in the Wacker Neuson Group to offer customers in the construction and agricultural industries solutions that deliver real added value. “We use digital technologies strategically to make our customers' day-to-day work easier and more efficient,” says Alexander Greschner, Chief Sales Officer of the Wacker Neuson Group. “In order to be able to offer the best solution for our customers, we have positioned ourselves in such a way that we can develop and operate digital products based on our own IoT backend. We have built up the relevant expertise in-house. In addition, we work with partners who are established on the market and can quickly develop suitable solutions together with us.”


An important partner is Trackunit who has been supporting the Wacker Neuson Group for several years in offering EquipCare, the customer-focused platform for fleet and data management. The cooperation has now been extended for another five years. In this context, the Wacker Neuson Group is using Trackunit's Kin technology for the first time to integrate non-powered equipment and attachments into the ecosystem via Bluetooth and gain a better overview of their usage. “Trackunit is an important partner for us who understands the direction in which our industries and customers are developing,” says Alexander Greschner. “As another strategic partner, we have entered into a long-term cooperation agreement with OneStop Pro.”


OneStop Pro helps the Wacker Neuson Group in developing additional solutions for its digital product portfolio, connecting with customers more directly and thus responding even more flexibly to market needs. One of the first integrated products is the cloud-based EquipCarePro software solution. It enables the management, scheduling and evaluation of all machines, equipment and bulk items, regardless of manufacturer or brand. EquipCare Pro helps customers to significantly increase the productivity of their machinery.

These advancements represent only a portion of the Wacker Neuson Group's ongoing commitment to digital development. The Wacker Neuson Group remains dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology in order to continue providing its customers first-class products and services in the future.


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