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Develon Brings in the New Year at Times Square, New York

Develon Brings in the New Year at Times Square, New York

3…2…1…0! At the end of the countdown to bring in 2024, a promotional video for the Develon construction machinery brand appeared on the New York Times Square electronic display. The same video is being posted all this week until 7th January 2024 (Sunday) on an electronic display on the Two Times Square building.

In the video, parent company, HD Hyundai, emphasises that Develon is a leading construction machinery brand through text animation using brand logos and colours and the headline phrase ‘Korea's No.1 Construction Equipment Brand’.


The Times Square video confirms HD Hyundai's commitment to target the construction equipment market not only in North America but all around the world with the Develon brand, which marks its first anniversary this month.

The promotional video concludes with a view of HD Hyundai's future excavator model and plans to participate in the CES 2024 Exhibition next week in Las Vegas for the four days from 9th January 2024, where the company’s ‘Xite Transformation’ system for human sustainability will be showcased.


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