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Develon opens new European Training Centre in France

Develon, formerly Doosan Construction Equipment, has opened the company’s new European Training Centre at Allonnes close to Nantes in the west of France.

Among the aims of the new Training Centre is to provide dedicated conditions to update and develop the knowledge and skills of dealer personnel and the company’s service technicians and demonstrators, to enhance Develon customer experience and satisfaction throughout the European market.

Located in an easily accessed location close to the beautiful chateaux region of the Loire Valley, the new Training Centre is designed to provide a relaxing and attractive environment for all attending the new facility.

Patrice Pesnot, Head of Training at Develon in Europe, said: “The new Training Centre is intended to provide an environment to allow participants to concentrate on Develon products, allowing them to remove themselves from their daily work and focus entirely on the training activities.”

The new Training Centre consists of a main building with several areas that can be set up for training. In addition to the classroom space, the facility also includes offices, workshops for service training and an impressive 3000 m² outdoor area which is devoted to hands-on try outs of machines from Develon and competitor machines.

Providing a Safe and Secure Area for Training

Patrice Pesnot added: “Another aspect of the Training Centre is to provide a secure and safe environment with excellent conditions for training, in a fully equipped area that demonstrates the professionalism of Develon, allowing testing of machines both in the workshop but also in the working conditions in the outside demonstration area.

“The new Develon Training Centre is dedicated to helping Develon dealers and company personnel to enhance their knowledge and skills in all possible ways, as we believe personal development is the foundation of further dealer performance growth. The new Training Centre also aims to greatly enhance Develon customer experience right across the European region.”

Activities at the new Training Centre include:

• Dealer Service Training

• Dealer Product Training

• Internal ‘Train The Trainer’ sessions to widen the training capabilities for the region

• Training development: including video tutorials and other tools

• Virtual Classrooms

• Future events to include promotion of Develon in schools (in France and Europe)

More than Simply Training

Patrice Pesnot concluded: “The Develon Training Centre aims to enhance dealer and staff performance with the right training, support and tools for enhanced customer experience. To achieve this, the Training Centre builds on our strong training foundations to also focus on the competition’s equipment with proactive sales materials, complemented by supporting dealers further with equipment demonstrations and other positive action.”


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