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HeavyMovement purchases eight new Develon wheel loaders

HeavyMovement purchases eight new Develon wheel loaders
Toni Llinas, CEO of HeavyMovement and Carwyn Bell, Sales and Branch Manager of Mason Bros in Pyle, Bridgend

- Order won by Mason Bros, Develon dealer for South and Mid Wales -


Mason Bros, the Authorised Develon dealer for South and Mid Wales in the UK, has supplied an order for eight new Develon wheel loaders placed by the UK operation of HeavyMovement, headquartered in Barcelona in Catalonia. The order for eight Develon wheel loaders comprises six DL420CVT-7 and two DL280-7 models. Most of the wheel loaders are also equipped with Develon’s unique Transparent Bucket safety system, that allows a wheel loader operator to see the bucket blind spots on the machine through the in-cab monitor.    


HeavyMovement specialises in the management and operation of outsourced industrial services for heavy industry, mainly for the metallurgy sector. The company has over a decade’s presence in the market and has customers in Europe, South America, Africa and the Middle East.

Largest Steel Recycling Company in the UK

The HeavyMovement contract covers a number of sites. The new Develon DL420CVT-7 wheel loaders have been supplied for use at the Melt Shop project for one the largest steel recycling companies in the UK. The DL280-7 wheel loaders are in use at two other locations as part of the contract.


The melt shop has the capacity to produce 1.2 million tonne of low emission circular steel annually, from UK sourced scrap metal. The Electric Arc Furnace is the lowest carbon technology route for making steel.


Richard Smart, UK Project Manager for HeavyMovement UK, said: “We chose the Develon wheel loaders based on our excellent experience with these products on previous projects including facilities in Santander and Catalonia in Spain and in Poland. The role of Mason Bros was also key - from the outset they have been very proactive on behalf of Develon and the project, providing us with brilliant support and back-up throughout.


“We work under the premise of improving productivity, ensuring the quality of processes and guaranteeing the maximum safety of our operations. So the high performance and fuel efficiency of the wheel loaders were very important and the added safety provided by the Transparent Bucket system was also key in selecting the Develon wheel loaders.“


Carwyn Bell, Sales Manager and Branch Manager of Mason Bros in Pyle, Bridgend, said: “We are delighted that HeavyMovement has chosen Mason Bros and the Develon wheel loader range for this contract. These award-winning products continue to prove themselves on industrial, recycling, waste, construction, quarrying and mining projects not only in the UK but across the globe.”     

Utilising Innovation to Increase Safety

Owing to blind spots caused by the buckets on wheel loaders, the area in front of the machines has been considered an area of major concern in terms of safety. With the Develon transparent bucket function, however, the driver can easily check the blind spots in front of the bucket via the cab monitor, to increase safety and prevent accidents.

The patented system records images at the front of the wheel loader with two cameras mounted on the top and bottom of the machine and displays the combined images in real time on the monitor in the cab using a curved projection method.


As part of the company’s award-winning DL-7 series, the DL420CVT-7 Stage V compliant wheel loader from Develon is equipped with a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). With a maximum bucket capacity of 4.5 m3, the Develon DL420CVT-7 wheel loader is intended to meet a wide range of material-handling needs across a host of industries.

Up to 15% Additional Fuel Savings

A CVT transmission is the result of a permanent combination of a hydraulic technology and a mechanical technology which provides a smooth and continuous speed variation. The CVT design combines the benefits of a hydraulic mechanical transmission and a hydrostatic transmission in the same machine.


The complete driving range, forwards and in reverse, is controlled by the CVT system. Low engine speeds ensure a high efficiency and the highest driving comfort irrespective of the traction speed. The power splitting continuously variable technology facilitates moving off softly and hydraulically. Furthermore, with the CVT, a fuel saving of up to 15% can be achieved.

Mason Bros

Founded in 1952, Mason Bros is a family owned partnership whose management are second and third generation family members. The company specialises in new and used construction machinery sales and service, operating from two depots, the original headquarters in Lampeter Velfrey, just outside Narberth and a second site in Pyle, Bridgend.


Mason Bros is solely responsible for sales and servicing of the Develon range in South and Mid Wales. Customers benefit from a superb on-site service network, covering everything from emergency repairs to routine maintenance. The company’s factory-trained engineers have many years of hands-on experience of repairs and servicing of all types of plant and machinery. 


Develon is one of the world’s leading construction, quarry and mining equipment manufacturers, offering a broad selection of products including crawler and wheeled excavators (with operating weights from 1 to 100 t), wheel loaders (covering capacities from 1.9 to 6.4 m3), articulated dump trucks (with maximum payloads up to 41 t), compact wheel loaders (from 3.5 to 5 t), dozers (up to 15 t) and products with alternative power sources.


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