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Hill Engineering to debut two new products at Hillhead

Hill Engineering to debut two new products at Hillhead

A new super-quick coupler and coupler display will launch at Hillhead for Hill Engineering.

Specialist plant machinery attachments manufacturer Hill Engineering will debut two new products at Hillhead 2024.

Hill’s stand (W20) will showcase its new version 20-tonne Tefra Connect coupler and Tefra Connect display unit as well as a Tefra quick hitch for a JCB 3CX, a 20-tonne Tefra Tilt coupler, a 35-tonne Tefra, and a 13-tonne bucket and thumb combination.

The Tefra Connect is the new way to connect hydraulic tools automatically, while retaining the ability to also use standard attachments when required – a revolutionary new coupler that can connect any hydraulic work tool safely and automatically from the operator’s seat.

Combining the versatility and functionality of the Tefra pin grabber coupler, and manufactured in high strength SSAB Strenx steel, the next-generation Tefra Connect sets new standards in on-site efficiency.

Sites such as demolition projects, where hydraulic excavators are used with dedicated hydraulic tools, often also need an excavator to dig trenches or load out loose materials, using a pinned, non-hydraulic tool.

With a Tefra Connect-equipped excavator, operators can maximise machine use and reduce or eliminate the need for other machines on-site, reducing machine costs, fuel consumption and transport movements - particularly beneficial on inner city or congested sites.

The new Tefra Connect display unit is designed to provide the operator with visual indication of the status of the Tefra Connect coupler. The device can also be used to provide the operator with other information, such as utilising a QR code to give access to the operator’s manual.


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