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INTERMAT Paris in 2024! The exhibition on Sustainable Construction Solution and Technology

INTERMAT Paris in 2024!  The exhibition on Sustainable Construction Solution and Technology

The federating platform for the entire construction sector

In view of the momentous environmental, economic and social challenges facing the construction sector, we decided to redefine INTERMAT as a place for the gathering and idea-sharing of an entire sector united to build a collective low-carbon path, which is the central theme of our 2024 edition.

We welcome the mobilisation alongside us of the sector’s five main trade associations, since collaboration between equipment and machinery manufacturers, energy suppliers and construction companies is essential if we are to collectively provide the right solutions for professionals and appropriately meet their needs for innovative, sustainable solutions.

Equipment and machinery at the heart of low-carbon challenges

French and international equipment manufacturers, who are playing their full part in helping to achieve the low-carbon targets set for 2050, have chosen INTERMAT to showcase their innovation momentum which, since the 2018 edition, has accelerated sharply in the aim of meeting these challenges.

INTERMAT 2024 will be their showcase and that of all the players in the construction industry, working together to share a common vision and showcase the latest breakthroughs on the market in terms of machinery, equipment, technologies, digitisation, energy storage solutions and plant hire.

An exhibition model redesigned around the big challenges of construction

In this light, 2024 will be a year of renewal, with an exhibition model redesigned in terms of format and offering refocused around four pillars: Innovations, Energies, New Equations and Commitments, each of which will provide highlights and developments in line with the four major challenges facing the construction industry.

New for 2024, the Industry Forum’s BFM Business TV set, featuring a series of round tables, will provide an opportunity to take a broad look at societal, energy and economic issues, the challenges of decarbonisation and digitalisation, and also raise public authority awareness of the fundamental role of our sector in achieving net zero.

A new area dedicated to employment and training will showcase the initiatives taken by the federations to promote the appeal of occupations in the building and public works sector, and encourage connections between young talent and companies, through workshops, talks and job-dating sessions.

The exhibitor range will be repositioned around five hubs of expertise, with a new hub dedicated to New Technologies and Energies to showcase equipment incorporating alternative energy sources, virtual engineering, autonomous vehicles, etc., and a demonstration zone to offer visitors a glimpse of the worksite of the future.

The low-carbon theme will also be at the heart of the exhibition to improve its environmental performance, through the CSR charter that we have introduced to make the event more responsible and encourage exhibitors and visitors to lead the change.

Christophe Lecarpentier,

Exhibitor Director, INTERMAT


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