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Interparts Shows DEVELON Brand for First Time at MATEXPO

Interparts Shows DEVELON Brand for First Time at MATEXPO

As the Authorised Dealer for Belgium, Evergem-based Interparts will be showing a wide range of products from DEVELON, formerly known as Doosan Construction Equipment, for the first time in Belgium on Stand A17 at the MATEXPO Exhibition. The Interparts stand display will present a comprehensive selection of wheeled and crawler excavators, mini-excavators and wheel loaders from DEVELON.

Being held from 6-10 September 2023 at the Kortrijk XPO in the city of Kortrijk in Belgium, one of the biggest multi-purpose indoor arenas and convention centres in the Benelux region, MATEXPO is an international trade fair showcasing machinery and equipment for the construction industry, industry and the environment.

Prominent among the line-up of wheeled excavators on the Interparts stand will be the new DX100W-7 10.7 tonne wheeled excavator from DEVELON. The 10 tonne weight class represented by the DX100W-7 is new to the DEVELON range and the DX100W-7 offers a high performance solution for customers looking for a wheeled excavator designed primarily for urban and road maintenance applications. As well as the DX100W-7, Interparts will be showing five more machines from the latest generation DEVELON ‘DX-7’ wheeled excavator range, namely the DX140W-7, DX165WR-7, DX170W-7, DX190W-7 and DX210W-7 models from 15.8 to 21.9 tonne.

Crawler Excavators from 15 to 36 tonne

Interparts will be showing the DX140LCR-7 15.6 tonne and DX235LCR-7 24.3 tonne reduced tail swing models from the DEVELON range of medium-sized ‘DX-7’ Stage V crawler excavator models, giving operators greater flexibility where space is a premium without sacrificing performance. The stand display will also include the larger DX255LC-7 25.7 tonne, DX300LC-7 33 tonne and DX350LC-7 36.1 tonne Stage V crawler excavators from the ‘DX-7’ range.

Next Generation DEVELON Mini-Excavators

Visitors to Matexpo can also see selected models from DEVELON’s next generation mini-excavator range, including the new DX20Z-7 2 tonne, DX27Z-7 2.8 tonne, DX35Z-7 3.9 tonne, DX50Z-7 5.4 tonne, DX55R-7 5.7 tonne and DX62R-7 6.2 tonne Stage V compliant models.

Increased Productivity and Versatility

The Interparts stand will be completed by a display of several models from the DEVELON range of wheel loaders. They include the larger DL220-7, DL320-7, DL420-7 and DL480-7 machines from the award-winning ‘DL-7’ range, providing easier and faster loading with maximum bucket capacities from 2.3 to 4.8 m3.

New Compact Wheel Loaders

Completing the stand display will be the new DL60-7 and DL80-7 compact wheel loaders. Just like their much heavier versions in the DEVELON range, these new compact wheel loaders set the industry standard for this type of machine.

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