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JCB lands electric machine deal for huge airport refurbishment


Four JCB electric machines have landed at Manchester Airport to help deliver a £1.3 billion transformation of Terminal 2.

Purchased by Preston-based Bradley Group, the new machines – two 19C-1E electric mini excavators and two 1TE electric site dumpers - are working inside on the project, carrying out internal dismantling and strip out work as part of the £1.3bn transformation programme set for completion in 2025.

Supplied by dealer Gunn JCB, leading demolition and asbestos removal contractor, Bradley Group chose the new electric machines as part of its commitment to environmentally conscious practices as it aims to use electric equipment for the majority of its internal demolition projects. Their roles include the demolition of walls, breakout out of screeds, loading dump trucks and moving hard-core.

Bradley Group’s Director, Andrew Hill said: “JCB is a fantastic worldwide manufacturer at the cutting edge of electric technology. In the process of selecting our equipment provider, we conducted demonstrations of various brands. JCB was the undisputed choice, showcasing the most effective electric machines. We are also pleased with the back-up service JCB provides.

“The initial order was for one electric mini excavator but the second followed soon after as we were so impressed with the performance of our first. We have had some great operator feedback with the electric machines surpassing expectations. They noted the machines’ even smoother tracking, distinguishing them from their diesel counterparts. They have also highlighted the added convenience of simply plugging in a machine, as opposed to the traditional process of refuelling with diesel, and the ability to carry out a full shift on a single charge.”

The four machines are part of the JCB E-Tech range of electric equipment which is zero emissions at the point of use and enables contractors to work in emissions and noise sensitive environments – including indoors, underground and in urban areas. The 19C-1E was the world’s first fully electric excavator when JCB launched the innovative model.

Established in 1996 Bradley Group is a family-owned Preston-based demolition, dismantling and asbestos removal company. It has a permanent, directly employed, locally based staff of over 70 fully trained operatives and managers to NFDC and ARCA standards. It boasts a large range of modern plant and equipment, from electrical Brokk machines to 80-tonne high reach excavators.


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