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Pizzorno Environnement Equips Sorting Centre in Le Muy with New Develon DX230WMH-7 Material Handler

Pizzorno Environnement Equips Sorting Centre in Le Muy with New Develon DX230WMH-7 Material Handler

Specialising in the collection and sorting of household and industrial waste, Pizzorno Environnement, the international group based in Draguignan in France, has just purchased from 510 Location, an agent for the Develon dealer, HMD in Arles, a new 24.5 tonne Develon DX230WMH-7 material handler for its sorting and recovery centre in Le Muy, one of the most modern in the country.

A new DX230WMH-7 material handler from Develon, formerly Doosan Construction Equipment, has recently begun operation at Pizzorno Environnement's materials sorting and recovery centre in Le Muy in Var in France. The machine, the first to be sold in Europe, operates 13 hours a day, 6 days a week. One of the largest and most modern in France, this site receives nearly 120,000 tonne of recyclable waste from selective household and industrial collections every year.

"This material handler is used for sorting and reloading waste into our customers' semi-trailers. We previously had a 20 tonne machine that was at the end of its life cycle. We chose a larger 24.5 tonne machine to improve our productivity. And our choice fell on the DX230WMH-7, which met our specifications. In addition, the Develon (formerly Doosan) agent in Var, 510 Location, like us has its head office in Draguignan and we've always been keen to work with local players," explains Jean-Charles Devalle, Director of the General Affairs division of Groupe Pizzorno Environnement (2500 employees, 226 million euros in sales in 2022).

The Develon material handler purchased by Pizzorno has a six-metre straight boom and 4.20 m straight arm, equipped with a sorting grab for handling various materials. This is the first DX230WMH-7 sold by 510 Location, a specialist in the rental and sale of Develon equipment in the Var region. Adille Chakir, CEO of 510 Location, and Gislain Pennacchio, sales representative, emphasize that "we had to win this contract for a 100% Dracenois partnership. We hope there will be more! The main advantage of this machine is that it gives operators good visibility when loading trucks, so they can work in complete safety."

The DX230WMH-7 is equipped with a standard elevating cab that can be raised by 2.5 m to reach a floor height of 3.75 m in the raised position. The operator can adjust the height of the cab without leaving their seat, thanks to a lever at the rear of the seat. Inside, the operator can access the video feed from the side and rear cameras on a screen. They can also monitor vital machine information.

"We wanted an elevated, soundproof cab. We also wanted high-performance telematics for maintenance, so that we could closely monitor the machine, as it is used by several operators,” says Jean-Charles Devalle.

The Develon Fleet Management TMS 3.0 Cellular telematics system on the DX230WMH-7 provides owners, dealers and the manufacturer with geolocation information as well as complete operational data for the machine, transmitted via computer or smartphone, in order to manage maintenance and reduce operating costs. A 510 Location technician presented the machine to operators on delivery, together with a demonstration of the maintenance procedures.

"Even if it's still too early to assess the machine's productivity gains, we're satisfied with it," sums up Jean-Charles Devalle. Other orders on the horizon? "We manage four other sorting and recovery centres, but they are of a smaller size. We'll see," concludes the Director of Corporate Affairs for Groupe Pizzorno Environnement.

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