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SANY announces Telehandler roadshows

SANY announces Telehandler roadshows

SANY is thrilled to announce a series of telehandler roadshows aimed at showcasing its brand new range of telehandlers to the UK market. The roadshows will run throughout February and March, with 6 events planned across the country.

The roadshows will feature live demonstrations of SANY's telehandlers, highlighting their capabilities, safety features, and applications. Visitors will have the opportunity to meet with SANY product experts, ask questions, and learn about the latest technological advancements incorporated into the telehandler lineup.

The STH1440 (14m) and STH1840 (18m) are the first machines to feature in the new telehandler series, designed to offer the ultimate in safety, comfort and performance. Thanks to their compact and innovative design, SANY telehandlers are the ideal solution for demanding jobs and precision work, whether that’s easy loading, moving or stacking and their versatility is increased further due to their ability to use a wide variety of attachments. 

"We are excited to bring our telehandler roadshows to the UK," said Phil Boddy, Telehandler ProductManager at SANY Europe GMBH. "These events will provide a unique opportunity for professionals in the construction and material handling sectors to experience firsthand the superior performance and innovation that define our telehandlers."

The roadshows will also serve as a platform for SANY to showcase a range of excavators to visitors aswell.

The schedule for the telehandler roadshows is as follows:

▪ 15th February 2024, County Durham

▪ 20th February 2024, Worcester

▪ 22nd February 2024, Bury St Edmunds

▪ 26th February 2024, Farnham

▪ 29th February 2024, Wigan

▪ 14th March 2024, Glasgow

If you are interested in attending please visit the SANY UK website to register your interest and secure your place or contact your local SANY dealer.


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