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SANY excavators just got bigger

SANY excavators just got bigger

SANY UK has launched the new Stage V compliant, 78-tonne SY750H crawler excavator, the largest model now available in the UK market. This new addition to the SANY range boasts impressive features and capabilities designed to meet the evolving demands of large-scale construction projects. With a powerful Cummins X15 Stage V engine and enhanced hydraulic system, the SY750H delivers exceptional digging force, making it ideal for heavy-duty excavation and earthmoving tasks. Its advanced technology and robust construction ensure optimal efficiency, reliability, and durability, even in the most challenging environments.

Key features of the SY750H excavator include:

Exceptional Power: Equipped with a high-performance Cummins engine, the SY750H meets Stage V emission regulations and delivers superior power and torque boasting 391 kW gross power, a maximum dig depth of 7,580 mm, 410 kN of bucket breakout force and 354 kN of dipper tear out force.

Enhanced Efficiency: The advanced variable hydraulic control system optimises the excavator's performance, providing faster cycle times and increased fuel efficiency. Selectable working modes further improve overall operating efficiency, allowing you to match performance to the job application and ultimately helps to save on fuel costs and the durability of the machine.

Durable Design: The SY750H is designed, built and tested with durability in mind. Featuring a heavy-duty undercarriage 100% steel bodywork and solid boom it provides an exemplary level of stability. High-quality components as well as easy and safe access to all maintenance points also ensures extended service intervals and minimal downtime.

Comfort and Safety: The SY750H is designed to enhance operator comfort and ease of operation. The ergonomically designed ROPS/FOPS certified cab is equipped with modern amenities such as deluxe, fully adjustable, heated operators seat, large 10 inch, high resolution colour display, automatic climate control, radio, USB port, Bluetooth connectivity and large storage compartment including integrated cooling box.

The SY750H also includes a combination of safety features that work together to minimise risks to those people in and around the machine including rear and side view cameras to enhance the operators sight line, travel alarm and warning beacon. LED work lights also come as standard and are positioned on the boom, front and side of the cab, for improved visibility in low light conditions and helping to prevent accidents on site.

Leigh Harris, Business Development Director for SANY UK, said “SANY UK is excited to introduce the SY750H excavator to the UK market. SANY has a strong pedigree in large excavators with machines up to 300 tonnes operating in some markets around the world. The SY750H is the largest machine to enter the European market so far and features the same quality, fuel efficiency and cab comforts as our SY390H and SY500H which are both receiving great feedback from our customer base.”

All SANY excavators are registered and protected with the CESAR Datatag Scheme and CESAR ECV for quick and easy verification of emissions category and the SANY SY750H also comes with an industry leading 5-year / 5000-hour warranty as well as a comprehensive range of service and support packages.


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