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Steelwrist to launch third generation tiltrotator at Hamburg inauguration, March 13-14, 2024

Steelwrist to launch third generation tiltrotator at Hamburg inauguration, March 13-14, 2024

On March 13, 2024, Steelwrist will inaugurate Steelwrist Deutschland GmbH’s new facility in Hamburg and at the same time present the largest and most innovative product launch in the company’s history. The centerpiece of the launch will be the first model in the third generation Steelwrist tiltrotators, that will set the bar for future level of fuel efficiency, safety and excavator versatility. Following the Hamburg event all new products will be shown at the Intermat exhibition in Paris.

The biggest product launch in Steelwrist’s history

Steelwrist is a manufacturer of tiltrotators, quick couplers and work tools for excavators with a global footprint and own organisation in 19 countries. Throughout the company’s history the commitment to earthmoving efficiency for excavators has been the core in the development of new products.

During the launch event Steelwrist will for the first time reveal its third generation tiltrotator which will demonstrate several innovative features both from a hardware and software perspective. This will include new technologies for coupler locking safety and easy maintenance. As part of the Quantum control platform a combination of new hardware components and installation support guidance will be shown that will take easy installations and remote support to a new level.

Although the third generation tiltrotator will be the centrepiece at the launch several new products will be revealed at the same time, including but not limited to, a new range of lightweight grapples and a new range of hydraulic compactors with unparalleled low oil flow to compaction power ratio making it perfect under a tiltrotator. In addition to news related to the third generation tiltrotator, control system, sensor technology, and work tools, Steelwrist will also launch a new product category further building to the wide product portfolio targeting excavator efficiency.

“By now many forward thinking excavator owners and operators around the world have understood the massive efficiency improvements that a tiltrotator adds to an excavator. Obviously good for our customers’ competitiveness as well as for the environment. However, our products not only enhance excavator efficiency but also play a crucial role in addressing climate change-related challenges and with our third generation tiltrotator we hope to set a new standard. I believe it will be the best tiltrotator ever built, by anyone”, says Stefan Stockhaus, Steelwrist CEO.

Inauguration of new facility in Germany and continued global growth

The launch event will also mark the official inauguration of Steelwrist’s new facility in Hamburg, Germany. In 2023 the Steelwrist Deutschland GmbH subsidiary was established in order to further strengthen the company’s presence and ability to respond to the growing demand in this important market. Recent expansions in Finland and France demonstrate the dedication to meeting customer needs, with improved support for dealers and local stocks of products and spare parts.

New products on display at Intermat exhibition

Following the Hamburg launch event, all new Steelwrist products will be shown at the Intermat exhibition in Paris, France, April 24-27, 2024. This international show invites industry professionals, contractors and operators to experience the innovation and advanced technology that defines Steelwrist.


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