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Wacker Neuson news for Spring 2024: Progressive technologies and innovations for efficient working

With a glimpse into the future, Wacker Neuson presents the product innovations of the first half of 2024. The new generation of battery-powered rammers and the battery-powered, single-direction vibratory plate WP1550e set a clear signal in the direction of zero emission construction sites. These new compaction devices support customers in making their move to zero emissions - the #switchtogreen.


New Generation of Battery-Powered Rammers – Efficient Work Without Exhaust Gas Emissions

The new generation of battery-powered rammers by Wacker Neuson is characterised by an ergonomic guide handle and a replaceable ramming shoe, which is also compatible with the new generation of two and four-cycle rammers. With the use of the battery-powered rammer customers can reduce exhaust and noise emissions, therefore protecting the operator and construction site environment: an advantage for many applications, for example on inner-city construction sites. Additionally, the battery-powered rammers are extremely user-friendly: They can be started effortlessly at the push of a button. Innovations like active cooling for optimal temperature management and a standby mode for the battery make the starting procedure easier, substantiating the further developments in terms of efficiency and user-friendliness.

Wp1550e – Powerful Battery-Powered Plate with Unique Direct Drive

The single-direction vibratory plate WP1550e has DireX, the direct drive developed by Wacker Neuson, which not only enables efficient compaction but also enables a long battery running time. The electric motor is maintenance-free. Low hand-arm vibration values (< 5 m/s²) also ensure working comfort during prolonged application of the battery-powered plate WP1550e. As with all Wacker Neuson zero emission construction equipment, this plate is operated with a Battery One battery, which is also compatible with the construction equipment of other manufacturers.

New Generation of the Two-Cycle Rammer – The Original by Wacker Neuson

The vibratory rammer with a powerful WM80 engine developed by Wacker Neuson is only available from Wacker Neuson. This two-cycle engine is ideally matched with the needs of a rammer and enables productive working conditions with excellent compaction results. With an optimised cold air flow, an efficient air filter, and a sturdy design the new generation of two-cycle rammers provides performance capability, even when the conditions are demanding. The narrow, compact design makes it easier to manoeuvre, while the low CO emissions also enable application in trenches.

Dual View Dumper DV125 – For High Materials Handling

The DV125 expands the model series of the Dual View dumper and is best suited to applications with high materials handling with its payload of up to 12,500 kg. The DV125 is equipped with skip and tilt monitoring, skip guard, hill-hold function, laminated safety glass and many more safety features, many of which come as standard. The compact design and the Dual View operating concept with the operating panel that can be rotated by 180 degrees enable unrestricted visibility when driving, manoeuvring and when loading and unloading - a great advantage, particularly in confined working environments.


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