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Wacker Neuson Universe 2023: 175 years full of innovation

Wacker Neuson Universe 2023: 175 years full of innovation
  • Strong, reliable partner for the past 175 years

  • Wacker Neuson celebrates anniversary at Reichertshofen site

  • The focus is on innovations from then to now

From September 12 through 15, customers and dealers from the EMEA region will come together at the Wacker Neuson site in Reichertshofen. Under the slogan “175 years of Wacker Neuson”, this four-day event will facilitate face-to-face meetings while focusing on the many innovative solutions that have revolutionised construction work since Johann Christian Wacker founded his blacksmith’s shop in 1848.

Wacker Neuson enjoys a strong reputation as a reliable partner and innovative solution provider and has always placed its customers and their needs center stage. “We look forward to welcoming guests from the entire EMEA region to our Wacker Neuson Universe event so they can join us in celebrating our 175th anniversary,” says Alexander Greschner, CSO of the Wacker Neuson Group. “This event will bring us even closer to our customers and sales partners. When testing our new products, we get direct feedback, we can exchange ideas on current topics and trends, and – especially important at the moment – we have an opportunity to send an upbeat signal to our customers and partners for the coming months.”

Experience new products – live

One of the innovations starring at Wacker Neuson Universe is the new DV45 Dual View dumper, the smallest model in its range. It features the innovative Dual View concept, where the operating console can be rotated through 180° so the operator always has a clear view in the direction of travel or work. This concept has already proven a huge market success. With the new DV45 dumper, the cabin can be electro-hydraulically rotated through 180 degrees at the push of a joystick button. In multi-view mode, the operator can rotate the cabin 90 degrees for a clear view over work to the side of the cabin. This feature is particularly helpful when filling in trenches, for example. “Active Sense Control” will also be available on certain dumpers from the end of the year. This optional feature plots the travel trajectory and speed against the surrounding area and automatically slows the dumper down if it detects an obstacle ahead.

zero emission ecosystem

The newest members of the zero emission family include the TH412e, Wacker Neuson’s first fully electric telescopic loader. Its compact design means it can be used in confined spaces without releasing any local emissions – for example, in underground parking lots. Another new release is the WL28e electric wheel loader. Building on the proven WL20e, this model brings more size and performance to the range. Customers can select a comfortable all-weather cabin featuring a sophisticated heating concept. There are also three zero-maintenance lithium-ion batteries to choose from, covering a range of runtime requirements.

Already today, the Wacker Neuson zero emission portfolio gives customers everything they need to operate an entire urban construction site with no local emissions. Now the company’s mission is to support the customer’s entire ecosystem, spanning the charging infrastructure, services, financing options, different usage models and battery lifecycle management. Efforts in this area include Battery One, a standardised, user-friendly battery system designed for the sustainable use of light equipment with zero CO2 emissions. Not only is the battery compatible with all Wacker Neuson battery-electric equipment (battery-powered rammers and vibratory plates and the ACBe internal vibrator system for concrete compaction), it also works with equipment from other manufacturers.

Highlights covering everything from rammers to mixed reality

In the light equipment segment, the new BS62-4 and BS68-4 four-cycle rammers offer improved compaction performance thanks to higher stroke frequency and power. Other highlights include the EW100 mobile excavator, developed specifically with an eye towards “Construction 4.0”. Smart features include intelligent attachment management, an ergonomic human-machine interface and built-in support for a variety of driver assistance systems and interfaces. Wacker Neuson’s smart glasses are just one way that digital solutions can make everyday construction work easier. If a customer needs help, the dealer’s service technician can put on the mixed reality glasses, connect live with an expert and share their real-world vision or transmit the support screen to the glasses. And the ConcreTec assistance system offers simple and transparent concrete compaction support.

Competence center in Reichertshofen

Wacker Neuson’s production and development site has been located in Reichertshofen since 1964. All vibratory plates and rammers for soil compaction, internal and external vibrators and frequency converters from the concrete technology line, and breakers to be distributed under the Wacker Neuson brand originate in Reichertshofen. This site is also home to research and development, product management, and production procurement for all of these machines. In 2018, Wacker Neuson opened a European training center at the site and in fall 2022, a new logistics center was added to streamline distribution logistics and accelerate warehouse turnaround times. Visitors to Wacker Neuson Universe will have an opportunity to take an interesting factory tour, experience many of the products in action and even test some of them themselves.

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