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Yanmar V7 wheel loader - smallest machine in the range

Yanmar V7 wheel loader - smallest machine in the range

The V7 may be the smallest machines in our range but with smooth, powerful, electronically controlled drives, front oscillation and P-kinematics parallel lifting, our new compact wheel loaders have the capability to take on the big jobs with ease.


The V7 haS a very compact dimension in all aspects: height, width, length and turning radius. These compact dimensions contribute to the high manoeuvrability of Yanmar wheel loaders. That ensures great transportability possibilities i.e. in a roll-off container or to drive through bridges and tunnels.


When used at a densely built-up location or construction sites with limited space, the articulated steering delivers great manoeuvrability with its 40° steering angle. The articulated steering also allows the bucket to approach the load in a straight line, even at the maximum steering angle. This offers the operator greater flexibility in terms of picking up pallets or setting down loads. The oscillating joint has a wide angle of ± 10°, always keeping all 4 wheels in contact with the ground, even when working on uneven ground.


The parallel kinematics system allows you to lift a load quickly and precisely without constantly having to adjust the loading angle. While the kinematics system takes care of the stroke angle, the operator is free to concentrate on where exactly to set down the load. The parallel kinematics system optimises work cycles when loading and unloading the second row on a truck. The clever design ensures the tilt control lever does not collide with the body of the truck.


The V7 is fitted with a powerful engine which delivers results in terms of operation and environmental protection. Fewer emissions, more power. Engine: EU Stage V, EPA TIER IV. Adopting European and North American emission levels ensure a significant reduction in particulate emissions compared with previous levels – from 0.4 to 0.025 g/kWh.

+ Efficiency really pays off. The engine delivers high torque at a low engine rpm, which saves fuel and reduces the noise level. + Fresh air: Significantly fewer particulates are emitted thanks to the advanced exhaust after-treatment. This is achieved by means of improved combustion and injection systems, a diesel oxidation catalyst (DOC) and a diesel particulate filter (DPF).


Smart control is the Yanmar operating system for compact wheel loaders. It has never been easier to tailor a construction machine precisely to the driver and purpose. The 3.5-inch display shows machine and engine data and guides the operator. The display is positioned on the right A-pillar and can be adjusted using a flexible bracket. The new display position of the V7 ensures an even better view to the front attachments and working area.


Visibility is optimised through big windows. The optimal visibility leads to greater safety on jobsites. Front visibility is optimum on the attachment for faster and safer operation.


+ Door integration is designed into the machine shape to avoid damages. + Left-hand side door with sliding window. + Optimal cabin ventilation. + Communication possible on both sides. + Easy to clean.


Our standard seat with mechanical suspension, adjustable in position and weight, makes it more comfortable for the driver


The fingertip control allows the operator to regulate the oil flow with real precision, all the way from « zero » to « full ». The electrical proportional activation of hydraulic functions is simple thanks to a thumbwheel on the joystick. A lot of attention has been paid to an outstanding ergonomic to improve operator comfort.

Yanmar V7 wheel loader - smallest machine in the range



Operating in a closed circuit, the hydrostatic travel drive delivers lots of power while keeping fuel consumption low. The V7 loader can achieve up to 20km/h on the road. As an option, the machines are also available in high-speed version with a speed up to 30 km/h.


By using the inch brake pedal, fine-tuning of the hydraulic performance is possible. The driver can modify the power between the drive and the working hydraulics. It allows to slow down the loader while keeping the engine rpm up. This feature improves the cycle time of digging and loading operations. This inch brake pedal also avoids excessive wear of the tires.


The large opening offered by the engine hood allows an easy access to all main service items, for an easy and fast maintenance. This contributes to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the machine. Daily tasks can be performed from ground level to save time.

For more information visit the Yanmar website.


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