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Zero tailswing ViO80-7 midi-excavator scoops Good Design Award

Zero tailswing ViO80-7 midi-excavator scoops Good Design Award

Yanmar Compact Equipment’s zero tailswing midi-excavator, the ViO80-7, has been declared a winner in this year’s prestigious Japan Institute of Design Promotion’s 2023 Good Design Award.

Designed for the needs of the Japanese market, the ViO80-7 is the optimal choice for urban civil engineering applications. While belonging to the 8-ton class, it follows the concept of a mini excavator, enabling precise tasks such as turning in narrow spaces and digging in narrow trenches. Its high-power Yanmar engine and advanced ViPPS2i hydraulic system combine to offer a 15% improvement in excavation speed. (When compared to the previous ViO80-1B model.)

This is not the model’s first recognition – it has also achieved the highest three-star rating in fuel efficiency standards certified by Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. (As well as meeting the criteria for ‘ultra-low noise machinery’).

Other innovations include the double-lock quick hitch function, which allows attachments to be replaced using controls operated from the driver's seat, eliminating the need to get on and off the machine or using tools. This increases the machine’s work efficiency, especially in sites facing labour shortages.

In receiving this award, the ViO80-7 gained recognition for its fusion of refined design tailored for narrow spaces and advanced functionality in a compact hydraulic excavator. It was praised for successfully combining user-friendliness and efficiency.

In the judges’ own words

When announcing the award this is how the awards committee described the merits of the ViO80-7 midi excavator:

‘The refined design stands out as a compact hydraulic excavator tailored for narrow spaces. Its wide glass area offers an expansive working space, and the spacious view is evident even from the exterior. The multifunctional Human-Machine Interface (HMI) and simple operating system enable efficient work and ensure safety. They not only reduce the workload but also enhance operator satisfaction. The colour scheme, primarily based on the brand colours of red and black, exudes a sophisticated and urban impression. Meeting top-tier fuel efficiency standards and featuring low-noise technology, it achieves optimal performance for urban civil engineering tasks. The fusion of high-quality design and advanced functionality not only balances user-friendliness and efficiency but also enhances Yanmar's brand value further’


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